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Personology in sales training!

At the Romney centre we offer a sales training course with a difference.

Can you imagine having the knowledge to identify how your client makes decisions to buy and why?

Learn the key face reading traits to improve your sales success rate.

The accuracy of Face Reading is amazing and is supported by research, in fact in independent tests face reading was found to be more accurate than psychometric testing.

Just imagine going for a close knowing that you are using the right strategy for each individual client.

Example: You have a new customer whose eyes are quite closely set. In other words the gap between the eyes is smaller than the width of the eyes.

These customers tend to be less tolerant, if you’ve made an appointment make sure you arrive in plenty of time or they could get very annoyed. They notice every detail and can be over fussy. It pays not to introduce too many different things at once or they become overwhelmed with too much information. Stick to one or two of the key features and benefits of the product or service.

The Romney Centre workshops and short courses are available to companies and groups of any size.



Face Reading at the Romney Centre, Southampton. FaceReading.org.uk