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Face Reading

Do you seriously want to change your life?
Gaining a good understanding of who you are, and what makes you tick, is the first step in becoming the best you can be in any area of your life. An awareness of your unique strengths and challenges, the ability to identify areas that need work, can help you design the blueprint for a more effective life.

Just imagine having the tools to help you shape your own future, having a real sense of direction and purpose. Knowing yourself can help you relate to others better in both your business and personal life. Self knowledge helps you maximise every opportunity.

This is a purely scientific process; it does not depend on any psychic ability. Ethnic differences are taken fully into account when determining the significance of any feature or trait.
This proven system is used in Europe and The States

Bob Hammett is happy to appear as a guest speaker at meetings and conferences. Workshops in basic face reading techniques are also available.

In the 1930's Edward Jones, a judge in Los Angeles, began to systematically observe the behavioral patterns of the people who appeared before him in court.
He was so fascinated by his observations that he stopped his judicial work to concentrate on his findings. Using established scientific principles he investigated 200 facial features, later reducing them to 68, including hands and body proportions.
He later met Robert Whiteside who did further studies to determine the accuracy for personality profiling, relationships and career assessments. During all the studies it was found that face reading is 92% accurate.

Personal readings
During your one to one consultation your face is measured using specially designed tools, a completely pain free experience! After this fascinating interactive session, which takes approximately an hour and a half, the information gathered is put into our revolutionary computer program to provide a full printed profile and career assessment

Photo readings
Although not as complete as a personal reading, simply by sending three photographs, full face and profiles and answering a few questions, your profile and career assessment can be done, providing a very useful written report. For more details, click here.

Copies of Naomi Tickles fascinating book 'You Can Read a Face Like a Book' are available via the website, and at all of Bob's personal appearances.



Face Reading at the Romney Centre, Southampton. FaceReading.org.uk